Navigate. Find your direction.
Communicate. Tell your story.
Connect. Make an impact.  

Where to start? 

Let me guess…

you have a lot to say but can’t get started on how to say it?

you have too much information and don't know how to make sense of it?

you feel a sense of urgency to push the words out so it can begin to shift the numbers...whether those are sales numbers, health metrics or donations?

You may need help with distilling the information, or finding insights in the data. You may need a wider view on what's happening in the industry. Or, you may just need the right introduction to get things moving.

Good news…I can help.


We often think that if we could just share everything, people would understand us better. Turns out, we just need to drill down to the essentials and share them well,
— Natalie Miller Moore

How are you communicating?

Often, we work in the same circles and everyone knows the same terms, the same constraints and the same challenges. It's easy to forget that our audience, whom we are desperately trying to communicate with, needs it to be simple.

Having fresh eyes look at what you are communicating and how, and if that matches your target, can help you save time and be more effective. Strategy over effort yields better results.

Who do you need?

Another common challenge is that organizations spend a lot of energy working internally, trying to get out of their departmental silos, and don't have any time left to build partnerships regionally, collaborate with other organizations or even with the people they serve, outside those defined roles.

You may get more done, more effectively by finding the right partners, and building alliances than trying to go it alone. But finding the right connections and channels can be challenging. It takes time and persistence…plus seeing the connections from the right perspective.

How can we help?

From information gathering to creating a strategy, to communicating effectively, and what you need to communicate successfully, we can help you get unstuck.
— Moore than Words

Moore than Words will help you assess, strategize and execute your plan. We'll distill the clutter of too much information to get only what's essential. We'll help you adapt to changing conditions quickly by providing what you need to know for effective decision-making. We'll recommend tactics, plans and talent to get you from here to there as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Time to get unstuck. Let’s connect. 

Moore than Words is a health care communications firm, specializing in strategy, marketing and publicity.