Entrepreneurship -- Hard to Spell, Hard to Do

I never thought I'd be an entrepreneur.

I still need to check my spelling on it -- there are a lot of e's!

Given that no one in my immediate family had ever started their own business, it was a little foreign to suddenly be able to just do it. Say I was starting a business, and do it. And, it's a little addicting. I am decisive, and there are a lot of decisions to be made. I'm a promoter, and that's always a plus, for me and my clients.

But it can be overwhelming just how many choices there are to made every day. That's why getting together with other entrepreneurs is great. They get it. We're all busy. We're all juggling priorities. I'm excited about going to a coworking meet up today, and I'm always excited to see small business owners at the Cobblers' Collective, the group that meets weekly at Work Nimbly.

Lots of places want to encourage entrepreneurship, but it can be like catching lightening in a bottle. We move fast, we want to get going and not wait for it to be discussed in committee. That means creative ideas come fast and furious, but it's hard to get us to go to 18 months of committee meetings.

It's an interesting, never boring life of entrepreneuring!