Infertility....Has to Start with Fertility

My magazine editor asked me to write a story about infertility...maybe 900 words? And I said, "I just don't think it's possible to cover all the nuances in that amount." So, now it's a five part series! I thought I knew a lot about this, after moderating an online moms group for years, and seeing some of my best friends deal with miscarriages, blood disorders and long waits to finally get to announce their pregnancies. But after talking to many more people about this topic, I feel that it's still so much to absorb. First, people don't know many basics of fertility -- including the ages when fertility declines. I think this is a failure of our health education system that much of our information comes from celebrity magazines -- a number of people cited older actresses having babies as reassurance that they "had time." 

Here's the story, and I hope you'll keep following along!

The Art of Yellow Shoes

As a bona fide extrovert, I love going to conferences. But, apparently not everyone does. There's a psyching up that needs to happen. At the most recent conference I went to (#SHSMD2015), I found a brilliant marketing idea. I was in line for a drink with two gentleman, and I of course started talking to them about their names, my favorite topic. But then I noticed they were wearing yellow Oxford shoes. Both of them. 

Not only was this a great way to have an instant ice breaker with the thousand-plus attendees, it tied in to their booth in the exhibit hall, also full of bright yellow accents. The entire staff had yellow shoes: pumps, moccasins, sneakers. So, on brand, attention-getting and unique. A brilliant plan for standing out in a sea of competition. Nice work Lift 1428!

The First Rule of Publicity

I do a lot of work with PR for my clients, and also for the coworking space that I run with my two partners. We recently launched an event called HipsterHunt2015 that's a small business scavenger hunt to celebrate our business anniversary. We got GREAT coverage. People keep asking me how we did it. (I have a whole presentation on media interaction...but here's the short version.)

#1 Do something new and interesting. 

Seriously, if what you are doing isn't interesting or it's been done before, it's not news. There are lots of ways to make old news interesting and there are lots of ways to freshen up what you are working on, but it all come down to that one rule. Trust me.