The Health Journal Magazine May Issue

Don't Be On Autopilot When it Comes to Autoimmune Diseases
By Natalie Miller Moore

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Women in their 20s and 30sare busy—they’ve got kids and jobs and stress. So when they feel tired, or achy, they tend not to think much about it. Too many times, women write off these symptoms as unimportant. But autoimmune (AI) diseases affect twice as many women as men, and they often begin to show up mid-life.

“When I was seven months postpartumwith my son, things starting getting weird. I had headaches, I’d get dizzy. When I had really bad pains in my hands and wrists—I thought they were carpal tunnel from holding him,” said Betsy Lavin, 43, from Williamsburg, Virginia.

In Betsy’s case, it was more than that.Her symptoms of fatigue and joint painpiled up, but she thought it was normalnew mother stress... read more over at the Health Journal.