This just in! Recommendation from Dr. Inga Carboni

Natalie was the developmental editor for my recently published book, Connect the Dots. My "final" draft was complete but I couldn't let it go. I kept revising and polishing. By the time I reached out to Natalie, I couldn't tell if the structure and narrative were perfect or needed a complete overhaul. Natalie was amazing. She gave me exactly the kind of high-level feedback I needed. She suggested cutting an entire chapter, tightening chapter summaries, reworking the flow of two chapters, and adding some graphics. She highlighted sections that worked really well and others that were too dense or abrupt. Natalie encouraged me to make the changes quickly and then send the book to my publisher. Natalie was right about everything! The publisher loved the book and, according to reviews, so do my readers. Natalie's competence, professionalism, and encouragement made all the difference. If you have a piece of writing that you want to take to the next level, I highly recommend you contact Natalie. 

Here’s the link for Dr. Carboni’s book.