Dentists and Lions, Oh My!

Having done practice marketing previously, I am deeply empathetic to whichever marketing person must try to deal with the epic PR disaster that is Dr. Walter Palmer, lion hunter. They likely never expected to have a non-dental related international disaster on their hands.

I always recommend to all clients, big and small, to have a crisis communication plan for all of the potential disasters that may come their way. It's not fun, but it is valuable to sit down and see your weak points and your industry's controversial angles. For a typical dental practice, we might review a scenario about someone having a bad reaction to anesthesia, for example, or a cosmetic procedure gone awry. 

Although the fervor is a bit unreal, it's a good reminder that all it takes is one Internet photo to change your business forever. If you've been working on building your Yelp presence and sending out press releases, stop what you are doing and sit down with that crisis sheet, seriously.