Inoculate Yourself with Information

It all started with a conversation with my gynecologist....about Ebola. We talked late in 2014 in about how people we completely terrified about the Ebola outbreak and didn't seem to remember much about the basics of infectious disease. She said "Someone should write something about this for the general public." I agreed. Then I realized she meant me. 

So I wrote a story about this for the magazine I write for, The Health Journal, and then got an invitation to speak at The College of William and Mary about the topic. Unfortunately, we got snowed out that spring, and by the time I presented in the one seemed to care about Ebola. It didn't become an epidemic in the US.

But, luckily by that time, I was smart enough to add a virologist to my presentation, Dr. Kurt Williamson from William and Mary. He handled the virus and infection specifics, and I talked about how important it is to consume health information with a skeptical mind. It was a great chance to clarify some concepts for the general public, and for me, too!