How Big is the Gap? Care, Caring and Caregivers

"The delta between what matters to patients and what doctors think they want is huge." -- Glenn Steele, Geisinger Health System

I heard this at the Cleveland Clinic last year, and again this year at the Patient Experience Summit. It is a bit startling. 

Leaders say patients want: new facilities, quiet time, private rooms, food on demand, interactive bedside computers, no visiting hour restrictions.

Patients say they want: respect, clean facilities and staff who will listen to them. 

We will all be patients one day, and many of us already have been -- this makes sense because no one WANTS to be a patient but if we have to be in that vulnerable state, we want to trust the people caring for us. Patients also believe that if their doctors and nurses appear to care about them, they will receive better care. (Such an interesting wordplay here!) So, if my doctor cares, he'll do more to save my life, to double-check everything, to ensure that my outcomes are better.  It's an interesting twist -- but it resonates because being a patient can be terrifying and those staff caregivers who seem to care about us as people seem to be better at ...caregiving!