Be More of You. Not "well rounded."

In doing a series of interviews where i talked to all them members of a team, I was trying to find out about their dynamics so I asked about their Myers-Briggs Type, their birth order, their DISC assessment and astrological sign. This led me to a new personality test called The Fascination Matrix. 

After i took the DISC test (I'm a DI) it struck me that I couldn't be good at everything. It's OK to just be good at some things! Wow. Why was that such a revelation? I think it's because as a small business owner, I have to do a lot of different tasks, like accounting and filing, computer updates and scheduling. And, you want to appeal to the largest number of potential clients, right? But it's a freeing idea to realize -- my energy is best spent doing what I'm uniquely good at.

So, the Fascination Matrix (and the books How the World Sees You and Fascinate by Sally Hogshead) sharpen this idea even further. That each of us has unique skills and we should play on those strengths, and the intersection of our top two fascination skills to maximize how we stand out.  For me, it's a combination of high standards (Prestige) and leadership (Power) that make me respected, competitive and results-oriented (AKA The Victor.) And I'm happy to put my energy into what has the most impact!