What Do You Do When You See Something Amazing?

My partners and I went on a road trip to visit other coworking spaces in our region (see my side project Work Nimbly) and came across this gentleman while we were walking through the very cool Art Park in Charlottesville. More interesting than the vehicle he was driving (which was truly fascinating and I've shown that picture to a ton of people) was the invitation we received when he caught me taking a picture of him. He invited us to his Tinkersmiths workshop. If you are in entrepreneurship or coworking at all, you've probably heard of makerspaces, and that's what Tinkersmith is. We ended up with a tour of his space, saw lots of cool gadgets, traded ideas, got advice and left filled with general awe. (Hello, dude soldering a retro motorbike. Howdy, 60 foot rowing scull on the ceiling, Nice to see you, costume design cube.) 

In the publicity field, we are constantly challenged to pull and filter information about new and interesting things to us in a timely manner. But, essentially, you just have to stop and talk to the guy driving the balsa-wood sphere through the parking lot. 

With the shifts to social media, I hear some frantic conversations about how to get stickier content.  I've done some social media spotting trainings for groups and I teach a "getting the media's attention" seminar. I think we need to channel human nature, which is to investigate the curious, follow our own interests and talk about them with people near us or people we know share our interests. It's really that simple. What have you seen today that was amazing? Who did you share that with? 

Health care struggles a bit with this, because some of it is not amazing (wash your hands people!) but some of it truly is. We put other people's organs in someone who is dying and they live -- that is amazing to me. Tiny nanorobots are doing all kinds of things. We have stories about life and death that entrance me. But first, someone must stop and take a picture and ask a lot of questions. 

PS I got to ride in the sphere! Its base is a electric wheelchair.