What is a "Grant Scout?"

A few years ago, I took on a client project where I searched for grant opportunities in health care. I'm a writer by trade, and had taken some grant writing classes and workshops. I used my interviewing skills to find out what people were working on and then created a list of search terms based on that. Along the way, I coined this work "grant scouting." 

What's interesting though, is that now, when I say it -- people's eyes get big. They want my card. Grant scouting isn't all I do, but it's a niche I've created for my business. Do you know why the idea of having a grant scout is so appealing? Because there.are.so.many.grants out there, and it takes ages to sort through them all. The federal ones are pages long, and full of oblique requirements and recommendations. The private ones have requirements like "must be located in Michigan, Zimbabwe or Siberia" or "must have attended dinner party at the Vanderbilts in 1945 to apply." So, you see that there's an avalanche of information to sort through. I distill it down into the likeliest candidates.

It's not easy, but it's a service! I also provide "grant shepherding" -- more on that later!